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All about Betsy: Betsy is a female Shar Pei cross JRT of 18months.

True to the Shar Pei breed, Betsy suffers from allergies and is currently on Apoquel and Steroid eye drops, so any family would need to be aware of the costs and have experience with the dietary requirements of such conditions to hopefully get Betsy off the medication in the near future.

Betsy has good recall and understands basic commands and overall a well behaved dog, having previously been to dog training sessions.  Betsy can however pull on the lead when a distraction comes her way.

Betsy is good with other dogs and is happy to meet them on her walks, Betsy is also good with cats.

Betsy is looking for a new home where the children are of older teenage years as she has a bite history, so children that are aware that dogs sometimes need their space is an absolute must.

Betsy is currently in the ADLINGTON Chorley area.

Ad updated: 12.04.21.

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