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Introducing Bhodi: Bhodi is a JRT x Lurcher of 15months.

Bhodi is very good outside of the home, he walks on a lead well, pulls a bit at first as he is often excited about going out on his walk, but he quickly settles in and generally behaves well.  Bodhi loves to meet new people and dogs whilst out and can be very sociable.


Bhodi has been going through off the lead training and is responding well to this.  Bhodie loves to spend time playing fetch with a tennis ball, or going on adventures through the local woods or down by the canal.


In the home, Bhodi is mostly house trained, and will go outside when asked, but he does have the odd accident.  Bodhi knows basic commands of sit, stay, go pee, get down, fetch and drop.

Bhodi is an affectionate dog and loves a cuddle and loves his tummy/ears scratched but this is usually on his terms.  Bhodi does not like it when you push him down off you or the sofa and will can growl.  Bhodi is no longer allowed on the furniture for this reason.  Bhodi can be a bugger if he does not get his on way and can demonstrate this by guarding his toys.


Bhodi is looking for a new home when he will not be left for long periods, and where his further training can be continued.  

Bhodi is in the Bradford area.

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