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All about Bobby: Bobby is a male Yorkie cross of 11yrs.

Despite his age, Bobby is very energetic and is always up for playtime, especially so playing Tug of War (He always has to win though!).


Bobby has an affectionate temperament and enjoys having a fuss made over him.


Bobby is looking for a new home with no small children or cats. 

Bobby knows basic commands ‘Beg’ (His favourite when there is food around!). Bobby is fond of the sound of his own voice and uses it to communicate and let his humans know if he wants to go outside (or come back in!).


Bobby’s Likes:

  • Tug of War

  • Treats

  • Birds outside

  • Running around the garden

  • Walks

  • Empty plastic bottles


Bobby’s Dislikes:

  • Some other dogs – As bobby has mainly been the only dog in the household, he can sometimes be grumpy/snap at other dogs (usually male dogs) and especially dogs he does not know.


  • Small Children -  Bobby is an older dog and is not used to small children mithering him, so Bobby is looking for a new home where any children are aged 10years +.


  • Cats – Bobby has never lived with cats, therefore he would be best suited in a home where there are none.

Bobby is in the Almwch, Isle of Anglesey, Wales area.

Ad updated: 11.09.19

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