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Bodie & China

Introducing Bodie & China: Bodie and China are male and female American Bulldog/ Bullmastif/Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 2years


Bodie (with brown markings on his back) is a lovely boy, but he does have trust issues with strange people and, when he gets past it and gets to know you, he is such a loving big soft boy.  Bodie's ideal home would one in which that does not have many visitors to their home, as this can upset him.  Bodie does not like other dogs or cats but OK with snakes & lizards!  Bodie likes his rope best to play with but he is happy with any toys and likes to have a cuddle on sofa at night times.


China (pure white is deaf) is a loving and sweet beautiful girl.  China loves to play with her light up ball. China understands basic sign language, and she likes to smile at you by showing her left fang and tips her bowl up when feeding no matter how many times you put her food back in the bowl.  China does not like other dogs, or cats.


Bodie and China are looking for a new home either together or separately.

Bodie and China are currently in kennels in the Scunthorpe area.

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