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Introducing Bonnie:  Bonnie is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 3 years.  


Bonnie is a very loving dog full of cuddles and she is good with children, other dogs and cats.  Bonnie currently lives with a large Rotti/Mastiff with no issues and a child of 4yrs.

Bonnie is fine to be left for a few hours with no separation anxiety, she will whine/bark initially but then settle.


Bonnie will whine/sing in the car but otherwise OK and usually travels in the boot and never car sick.


Bonnie is very excitable and lively and can jump up, so will need ongoing training.  Bonnie is strong on the lead, she is very small but quite strong, so further training in this respect also needed.


Bonnie is in the Folkestone, Kent area.

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