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Introducing Buster: Buster is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross of 19months.  

Unfortunately Buster is back, back in Kennels, which we hope will only be for a brief spell, until such time as the right person for him comes along. Buster needs someone that is determined and committed enough to help him with his further training.

Buster is an amazing boy, but could do with some socialisation, having missed out on so much and some very important skills in his earlier years.

Buster is strong on the lead and will also need training in this respect.

Buster is a beautiful boy, and absolutely fine with other dogs and plays nicely with them off lead, however he will need somebody who can deal with his jumping-up and mouthing, and his over exuberance in some situations. These issues are very easy to rectify, just as long as someone is prepared to work at it, it just needs consistency. 

Buster is in Kennels in the Wickford, Essex area.

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