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All about Charlie: Charlie is a male Yorkshire Terrier cross King Charles of 5yrs.


Charlie loves to have a good runabout on walks but needs a bell on his collar as he tends to get carried away chasing birds, leaves, anything really! Charlie does have good recall, although not always at the first time of calling.


Charlie enjoys a fuss but on his own terms and he does not like for someone to lean over him.

Charlie can be very barky when meeting new people and new dogs on the walks but is fine once he has become accustomed to everyone.

Charlie loves children but is looking for a new home with older children that can show him the respect he rightly deserves.

Charlie can suffer from separation anxiety so is looking for a new home where he is not left for long periods.  When left, Charlie needs to be in a confined space as he is not happy with too much space to wonder around in. Charlie is crate trained.

Charlie currently lives with an older dog and 2 cats, with no issues.

Charlie is in the Rochdale area.

Ad updated: 09.07.19.

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