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Tyson & Nala

All About Tyson and Nala: Tyson and Nala are male and Female American Bulldog cross Staffordshire Bull Terriers of nearly 4yrs and 2.5yrs respectfully, who are looking for their new home either together or separately.

Tyson: Sadly after a poor start in life, where Tyson was attacked by another dog, he is now reactive to other dogs he meets on walks.  Tyson has been living with his daughter Nala quite happily. Tyson can be very strong on the lead.  Tyson currently lives with children (of 6 and 9yrs) and he loves nothing more than having a good play with them.  Tyson is also initially nervous around people visiting the home but once he is been allowed to sniff them and realises they mean no harm he soon settles. Tyson has no issues meeting people outside the home. Tyson is not cat friendly.  Tyson can be left home with no issues

Nala: Nala is very playful dog she is just like a puppy.  Nala knows basic commands and is really good on walks, walking to heel and is good off the lead in a quiet place.  Nala has not been socialised with other dogs although, with training and distraction, she is able to walk past other dogs without reaction.  Nala is fine to be left alone with no destruction and loves to play with her toys, bones and treats.  As with Tyson, Nala is currently living with children (of 6 and 9yrs).  Nala absolutely loves attention and cuddles and is looking for a new home where she gets plenty.

Tyson & Nala are in the Eccles, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 18.07.19

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