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Introducing Cotton: Cotton is a Female Labradoodle of 2.5years.

Cotton can be unpredictable and snappy and so she is looking for an understanding new family and one which can help further with her training.  Cotton needs a new family where the understanding is that Cotton will seek out affection when she wants to.

As a result of Cotton's unpredictable nature she is looking for a home where there are no children.  Also, as Cotton would much prefer a quieter time and where the pace of life is slower, where there are not many visitors to her new home.

Despite this, Cotton is a wonderful girl, very clever and affectionate and she loves long walks off lead. Cotton is very engaging and enjoys playing games such as hide a ball.    

Cotton is a great in the car and travels well and can also be left at home without destruction.

Cotton is in Teversal, Nottinghamshire area.

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