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Daisy and Mojo

Introducing Daisy and Mojo: Daisy and Mojo are a male and female Chihuahuas of 7years and, as a bonded pair, must stay together.

Daisy is a tiny girl at 2.5kg and is fearful of other dogs and will bark at them on a walk.  Daisy is not keen on children, and is not cat tested, but is fine with chickens!! 

Apart from being yappy towards other dogs on a walk she is quiet in the home and has no other behavioural issues. Daisy walks well on and off lead, staying close when off lead.  Daisy is fine to be left and uses a cat flap to the garden to do her toileting and is a happy traveller. 

Mojo is a male Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier of 4kg.  Mojo is more reactive to other dogs than Daisy since being badly attacked by a large dog in the past.  Mojo  has spent time in the presence of a cat but opted to keep well away and appeared to be afraid.  Mojo is also not keen on children and, apart from being anxious around other dogs and taking a bit longer to warm to strangers, he has no other issues.  Mojo is also good on and off lead but will explore a bit further away when off lead, but never out of sight.  Mojo is fine to be left and uses a cat flap to the garden to do his toileting and is a happy traveller.


Daisy and Mojo are in the Blackburn area.


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