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All About Dexter: Dexter is a male Pointer cross Cocker Spaniel of 2yrs.

Dexter is dog friendly and has has lived with two other dogs but, as he is not a fully confident dog, be can be frightened of strange dogs and will bark at them until he sees that they are no threat and then he will want to play all day with them, given the chance.


Dexter is child friendly and he has a wonderful loving temperament, he likes to give hugs and sit on your knee and act as if he is a big baby which, of course, he still is. 

Dexter is very routine orientated and likes to get his humans up at the same time every day and likes his meals at the set time, and is also very food/treat driven.


Dexter is pulls on the lead especially if with another dog he likes to pull to compete but on his own not as bad.  Dexter does go off lead and loves to run and sniff things out.  Dexter's recall is not the best but with a ball you can manage to get him back. Dexter absolutely loves to be outdoors and will sit in the garden all day no matter what weather if you let him, and he likes to trot in and out.


Dexter likes food.. routine.. attention, hugs, family life, tennis balls, fetch, watching other dogs on tv such as Paul O'Grady "For the Love of Dogs" and such, the outdoors, big runs and being off lead.   Dexter dislikes smaller dogs, he cowers and is scared of them until he comes around, which he eventually does.


Dexter is the KNOTTY ASH, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 11.09.21.

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