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Introducing Dre:  Dre is a male Newfoundland/Rottweiler cross of 3years.

Dre is just the perfect dog as, not only is he a handsome boy, but he is child, dog and cat friendly: he currently lives with cats and a 4 and 8 year old child.


Dre suffers with a flea allergy so flea treatment is vital along with daily brushing to keep on top of his moulting.

Dre can be nervous around new people initially and will cower if strangers pet him uninvited.  Dre will need some retraining on and off lead and, as Dre, has only been in a car twice, may need to get used to travelling.

Dre knows basics commands and is very food motivated so ongoing training should be relatively easy.

Dre is ok to be left for 2-3 hours without issues, as long as there isn't a bin to raid!

Dre is currently in the Stevenage, Hertfordshire area.

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