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Luna & Flint

Introducing Luna & Flint: Luna and Flint are a male and female Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 3.5years and 12months respectfully (mother and son).

Flint: Flint is an amazing dog with a really good temperament.  Flint loves going on a long walk, and he is great off the lead and has good recall.  Flint does not pull on the lead and he is good around other dogs but still a puppy so can be very excitable around them.  Flint does not like water!   Flint is good around children and cats, he is a really lovely dog.  Flint is not KC registered.

Luna: Luna is very much like Flint but she loves water and Fox poo!!  Luna is very good on and off the lead, she sometimes gets extracted with joy when she see other dogs, especially when she is off the lead!  Luna is gentle and lovely, she barks at the hoover and loves to sit next to you on the settee!  Luna is good around children and other dogs and cats!   Luna is KC registered.


Luna and Flint are currently under assessment.

Luna and Flint are in Stoke -On- Trent, Staffordshire area.

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