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Introducing Frankie: Frankie is a female Chihuahua cross Jack Russell of 6.5years (birthday end of October).


Frankie is a happy dog and presently enjoys dog agility and has been attending classes since a year old.


Frankie is a very affectionate girl and she just loves sleeping on yours legs and settles down for a cuddle.


Frankie's loves to learn and loves to please, and she loves venturing in woods where she likes to chase rabbits but never catches them, it's the chase that she loves, but when walking pass cattle she needs to be kept on a lead.


Frankie has been around chickens and ducks with no concern, but will bark at cats in streets but has never meet one close up.


On walks Frankie can sometimes bark at other dogs mainly larger dogs, this could be a reaction to other bitch being attacked by a labordoddle and black lab.

Frankie is in the Cambridgeshire area.


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