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All About Fred: Fred is a male Pomeranian crossbreed of 6yrs.

Fred is a lovely boy who loves to go on walks but is equally happy to spend all the day sat on your lap, if allowed.


Fred has some basic commands but is quick and eager to learn.

Fred does suffer from epilepsy but is not on any prescribed medication, as his seizures are relatively minor and occur around once a month.

Fred is a very sweet dog but quite nervy and his new family will need to build his trust as he does not like certain things being done to him, which can result in an aggressive response: to be picked up; to have his back end touched; to be approached with a towel to dry him; and has shown some aggression around treats (a chew stick) if you get to close to him.


When he is out on walks he is very friendly with other dogs and wants to play, he is assertive in his behaviour and does not seem bothered by other large dogs.  If another dog shows him aggression he simply backs off but he is always kept on a lead.


Due to Fred's nervy disposition, he is looking for a home without young children but could potentially live with another dog but potentially he would do well in a home as an only dog.

Fred is in the WIGAN area.

Ad updated: 12.09.20

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