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All About Hera: Hera is a Rottweiler cross Dogue de Bordeaux of 4.5yrs

Hera loves children and has lots of patience with them, although she can forget how big she is and she can be a bit clumsy, so her new family will need to ensure that she does not get over-excited at the beginning until she has adjusted to her new life.  However, Hera soon learns her way around things and is well behaved around children.  

Hera loves her walks especially when she can get wet and go for a swim.  Although Hera has lived with another dog, she is not very dog friendly on her walks initially, so she will need the correct introductions and a family that can help with her further socialisation. 

Hera is very intelligent and well trained and can communicate her needs very clearly.

Hera is not keen on cats and strange people approaching her without proper introduction.

The ideal family for Hera would be one with previous experience of large breed dogs and who understand that adapting to new situation works on both sides, and time and patience should be given to help her settle in her new environment.

Hera has shown signs of separation anxiety and will bark when left (however she can be left for 3hrs or so, when she needs to go to the toilet) so she will need a new home where she is not left for long period.

Hera greets all guests to her home enthusiastically as she just loves everybody.  Hera is a perfect example of gentle giant with a huge heart and loves her space, long naps (ideally on some cooling mat in the summer and a warm and cozy bed in the winter).  Hera loves gazing out of a window, just watching the world go by.

Hera is in the BARNSLEY South Yorkshire area.

Ad updated: 03.03.24

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