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Introducing Holly: Holly is a small Lakeland Terrier cross of 4years.

Holly is a lovely looking little dog but is a typical terrier who is looking for a home with people who know and love terriers!


Holly is good with other dogs once introduced, and is currently living in foster care with two others (one male and one female) .


As Holly is a typical terrier she would not be able to live with a cat or other small animals.   Holly can be a little shy when she meets new people, but quickly comes round and will bond quickly with a new owner and make a very loyal companion.


Holly would prefer a home with older teenagers and would love a home with a good sized secure garden, which must be very secure (terrier proof!). Holly hasn't been well socialised around other dogs when out and about and can get frustrated when she sees dogs on walks, and will pull/bark at them, but she is at present being taken to weekly socialisation classes in an attempt to teach her to become more relaxed when seeing other dogs on walks and she is making good progress in this respect.


Holly has strong terrier instincts when out on walks in the countryside and is constantly on the go and would need to be kept on lead (a flexi would be fine) until she is able to learn to relax more. In the house Holly  is perfect and is fully house trained and has no seperation anxiety when left.  Holly is calm and will lie down and sleep when asked to do so and has no food guarding issues with people or other dogs and sleeps quietly downstairs all night. Holly does not chew things and travels well in the car.


If you love and have experience of terriers Holly would be a great little dog for you!


Holly is in the Hebden Bridge area.


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