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All about Honey: Honey is a female Crossbreed (potentially a cross of Labrador, Husky, Mastiff, German Shepherd or Staffordshire Bull Terrier) who knows? but she is simply beautiful! of 4years.

Honey is very good with children, an all-round big softy, and currently lives with a toddler and four year old.  Being a large dog, she can be oblivious of her size and push past small children and so would better suited to a home with older children.


Honey has previously lived harmoniously with birds and dogs with no issues, but has not yet been cat tested but it is felt that cats would not be an issue either.


Honey is housetrained, but has the odd accident when left for longer periods of time which we believe is due to her Separation Anxiety but this has improved significantly since being in foster care and, with a good routine, this would resolve itself.


Honey is currently overweight, but her foster carers are working on this with plenty of exercise and good nutrition and she will be in tip top shape in no time.  Honey will need a new home where she gets regular exercise and she loves to play fetch!  Honey also knows a few tricks and loves training and learning new things.


Honey is good both on and off the lead, but can be strong when there is a distraction and there is no immediate recall when there is.  For this reason, she will need a confident handler to walk her.


Honey has so much love to offer and would be a great addition to any family.


Honey is currently based in Burton -upon- Trent area.

Ad updated: 26.06.19.

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