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Honey & Barley

All about Honey & Barley: Honey & Barley are female and male Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 11years.


Honey & Barley are looking for a new home together as they are extremely bonded and, although Honey can be bossy with Barley, he lets her!   Having been together since pups, they look to one another for re-assurance.

Honey & Barley are OK to be left with no issues.

Honey is great on a lead but Barley can pull a little as he gets a bit excited with it all.

Honey & Barley arecuddly staffies looking for a retirement home together. They both love their toys and take treats nicely. They are looking for a quieter home where everyone is aged 14 or above. Honey and Barley both travel well, and walk nicely on the lead. Once settled in to their new home, they could be left alone for a couple of hours. Honey & Barley can be a little worried in the vets, so will need a little bit of confidence building with their new vets. This pair will be a lovely couple of companions in the right home.

Honey & Barley are in the CHERTSEY, Surrey area.

Ad updated: 01.04.23.

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