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All About Hugo: Hugo is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 4yrs.

Hugo has had a terrible start in life where he was kept in a tiny porch and had never set foot on grass until 18 months ago. This has left Hugo with some degree of reactivity towards other dogs on walks but he can and has made friends with dogs when introduced slowly and he plays and walks beautifully with a neighbour’s Labrador and a family member’s Spaniel. Upon a recent assessment, Hugo's reactivity was found to be manageable and he was able to be introduced to another dog that he walked nicely with.  Hugo will therefore need a confident family to show Hugo there is nothing to fear and he should  be much happier on walks.

Hugo is walked on a two point harness and although still quite strong is pretty reasonable on lead.  Hugo's off lead recall in secure spaces is good and he is very well trained in the home where he lives harmoniously with 6 children between the ages of 5 and 14.

Hugo is happy to be left for around 4 hours and travels well.

Hugo is a loving boy and enjoys lots of hugs and belly rubs, he is fantastic with adults and children and is looking for a new home where his doggy socialisation can be worked with.

Hugo is in the BURY, Greater Manchester area.

Ad updated: 22.10.20

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