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All About Jenson: Jenson is a male Collie of 9years.

Jenson is looking for a home without children as he has a bite history.  Jenson has always had an issue around his tail being touched and there was an incident in the night where his female owner slipped on the stairs and caught Jenson, possibly his tail, which resulted in him biting her.  This has left the owners unwilling to keep him as they have two very young children.

Aside from this incident he has never shown any aggression and has lived with the children from birth


Jenson is dog friendly but not used to cats.

Jenson is very fit and healthy for his age and, true to the Collie breed, has plenty of energy.   Jenson walks well on and off lead, travels well, and has no Separation Anxiety.

Jenson is in foster care in the MALVERN, Worcestershire area.

Ad updated: 05.07.20, d.o.b 28.12.10

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