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JJ is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Kennel Club Registered) of 8 years. JJ is presently in his foster home, where he is doing well but now desperately needs a home to call his very own.  JJ was rescued from a home where he was not receiving the exercise and socialisation that he needed, he had not been walked for nearly two years. 


As a result of JJ not having received the stimulation and socialisation, he can be very excitable so will need some training and re-enforcement of his social skills to enable him to meet and be happy and content around new dogs when out and about.


JJ would be best suited in a home where there are no young children, as he is fairly excitable and very bouncy, but teenagers would be fine.


JJ would best be suited as the only dog as JJ is a very loving dog and just wants his humans to himself, JJ can be reactive to other dogs when out walking.


JJ would benefit from a calm environment where he can start to learn how to become part of of a family and experience routine and structure to his daily life.


JJ is currently in foster care in the Stockton -On- Tees area.


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