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What a lovely little boy Justin is! He has a tan short coat with darker eyebrows like a little Rottie and he has a dark nose. He is a medium sized dog. Around 48cm to the shoulders. He is now about 2 years old, neutered, in good health and a very friendly little chap. Good with all other dogs and the grand children of the kennel owners.

This poor boy was brought into boarding kennels in Spain, by his owner when a young puppy. The owner never returned for him and cannot be traced.

The owners of the kennels have kept him and he sometimes mixes with their own dogs but they think that it would be good for Justin to have a proper home of his own.

Justin would not want to live with cats as he does like to chase sometimes.

BREED :Crossbreed
AGE : 2 years
GENDER : male


In a foster home in Birmingham, West Midlands

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