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Introducing Kyla: Kyla is a Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 1year.


Kyla is great with young children and other dogs but not cat tested.


Kyla is a lovely girl, as can be seen, and she demands a lot of hands-on interaction, so we feel that she definitely needs to be with a family where there are mutiple sources of regular fussing throughout the whole day.  


Kyla is very much a sofa dog and needs to be able to lay next to someone to be content, again she craves constant attention and stimulation.


Kyla is crate trained and s quite content to be shut in her crate overnight rather than being left to roam free, the crate is Kyla's safe haven.  


Kyla does not like to travel in the passenger footwell, and she much rather prefers to be able to see out of the window, but she can suffer with a little travel sickness.

Kyla is fine with other dogs and shows no aggression, only inquisitiveness and wanting to play.  
Kyla is generally good on the lead but can be quite strong, especially if she is excited and, If there are no other dogs or distractions,  then her recall is very good, and just loves playing fetch.

Kayla is in the Bradford area.


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