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Introducing Loki: Loki is a male Akita cross of nearly 3years.


Loki is ok with other dogs when off lead but can be lead reactive, especially with some male dogs. Loki does however have a few doggie friends and is very playful once a friendship has been formed.


Loki is not cat friendly and possibly too boisterous for young children, so older teenagers only.


Loki is a very bright lad who responds well to training and loves affection.


Loki travels well and will pull on lead initially but soon relaxes and walks well. Off lead his recall needs work as he will make a beeline for other dogs to play with and goes deaf in this situation.

Loki will need a new family that understand that Loki will want attention on his terms and once he has had time to get to know his new pack! 

Loki is in kennels in the Bradford, West Yorkshire area.


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