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All About Lola: Lola is a female French Bulldog of 4yrs.

Lola is a fun, loving and loyal girl who loves lots of snuggles and affection. Lola loves nothing more than spending time around her family and can be very needy, but she will also happily spend her time laid up on the sofa napping whilst knowing that her family are pottering around. Lola is incredibly affectionate and loyal to those she trusts.

Lola is a special dog with so much love to give, but she requires a little extra patience and understanding due to her reactive nature.  Lola can be territorial which can come with its negatives, she can get jealous over those that she feels protective over and more so around dogs and people that she does not know. Lola likes to communicate and play with her face and mouth, which can make other dogs feel threatened that do not know her. Lola’s favourite hobbies are curling up on the couch under blankets or with her favourite humans, lounging in her favourite sunspots outside and having the zoomies in the garden, she also loves her food!


Lola is looking for a new home that can offer her a routine of exercise and lots of play time but with strict boundaries put in place. Lola is very comfortable around her families’ dogs, but this took a little white to get to this point. Once she feels secure, she is very playful and loves cuddling up to her doggy friends.


Despite Lola's challenges she is very eager to please around the home and is well trained.


Lola will need someone who is willing to dedicate the time and effort to help her thrive and deserves a patient and understanding family who will provide her with the love, support, and structure she needs to feel safe and secure.


Lola is toilet trained however sometimes when she gets excited when meeting visitors (that she already knows), she can have an accident.


Due to Lola’s playful and reactive nature we feel that she would not suit a family with young children.


Lola is in the CHELMSFORD, Essex area.

Ad updated: 05.04.24, d.o.b 14.01.20

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