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All about Lola: Lola is a female Dogue de Bordeaux of 5years.


Lola is looking for a new home where there are no children as she can get stressed being around them.  


Lola can be left with no issues, as long as she has some amusement (a filled kong would do very nicely and keep her entertained).


Lola has never lived with other dogs (just the occasional sleepover), so she could possibly live with another dog.   Lola could also live with tolerant cats as she always has previously.


Due to currently living in a rural setting she would benefit from a slow reintroduction to group walks/play, in her last home she would happily run around with huge groups of dogs in the park and prefers smaller dogs as playmates.


Lola has mild alopecia on her flanks but this has been checked with a vet who has confirmed there are no underlying health issues causing this.


Lola can be jumpy with loud noises, hates metal clattering and fireworks.


Lola is very easy going and as long as she has someone to cuddle and go for walks with she will be a happy big lump of love.


Lola has lived with the same family her whole life and is a much loved part of the family who unfortunately is not suited to life with children. 

Lola is currently being assessed.

Lola is in the Tayvallich, Argyll area.

Ad updated: 25.01.20.

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