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Lola & Ted

All About Lola & Ted: Lola & Ted are female and male Dobermanns of 7yrs and 5yrs respectfully.

Lola: is brown and tan and is very sociable with people, loves children and likes to be with you as much as possible.  Lola is very intelligent, learns quickly, has good basic commands apart from recall.  Lola has separation anxiety but is ok left for up to 4 hours.  Lola is fully house trained, non destructive (apart from chewing her blanket sometimes), and loves to run free, play ball and learn tricks.  Lola is quite barky around other dogs and does not like cats.


Ted: is black and tan and is very quiet and likes his own space.  Ted is a bit nervous around new people and likes to greet them in his own time.  Ted is a very chilled dog, happy being left, fully house trained and non destructive.  Ted has good basic commands but not recall.  Ted is wary around other dogs and does not like cats. Can be re-homed with teenage children.


Overall Lola & Ted have a close bond and need to stay together, and are looking for a home with an enclosed secure garden or land for exercise as they both have poor recall (despite training classes) and preferably where someone is home most of the time. They both travel and kennel well.

Lola & Ted are in the Cheshire area.

Ad updated: 05.05.19

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