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All About Mack: Mack is a male Bavarian Mountain Hound of 6yrs.


Mack is a lovely boy, very loyal and loving and, once settled in his new home, will form a strong bond with his family and likes nothing more than to be with them.  

Mack is ok with other dogs after proper introductions but not keen on flat faced dogs for some reason.  Mack can walk off lead with good recall but, being a Hound, is very determined if there is a smell he wants to sniff.   On lead, Mack can pull and be strong if there is something more interesting for him to sniff.  Mack travels well in a car.

Mack is ok with children although he has not lived with them.


Mack is food orientated and likes dog puzzles so long as there is a treat involved.  Mack knows basic commands: sit, lie, give paw, roll over and wait on command.

Mack is in the LIVERPOOL area.

Ad updated: 29.08.20

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