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Introducing Millie: Millie is a female Labrador of 10months.

Millie has spent time in Foster Care for four weeks and has lived with six other dogs in that home with no issues.  However, Millie can be a dominant dog and would like a new home where she is the only dog.  


In the first week of Millie's stay in the foster home, the Foster Carer found her to be challenging and testing the boundaries so there were issues but Milly settled well after the ground rules were firmly laid.


Millie is looking for a new home where there are no children, as Millie does suffer from resource guarding, and can be very threatening in her nature.  Of course, Millie will need a new home where her family are willing to work on this with her and preferably knowledgeable with resource guarding issues.

Millie's ideal home would be one that has experience of working breeds, as she is very intelligent and will need lots of mental stimulation.

Millie is going to need a new family that can be firm but fair and not back down to her and be persistent but not be threatening in demeanour.

Millie is going to need a new home where the family are truely an experienced one.

Despite all the above and although Millie does have issues, once you get to know her she is very loving and a sweet girl, as her foster carer has found.

Millie is in Kennels in the Bradford area.

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