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All About Milo: Milo is a male Mastiff American Bulldog Cross of 1yr.


Milo is looking for a new home where his family are active and are at home the majority of the day, as Milo loves the company of his humans and he can be destructive when left.


Milo can take a while to warm up to new people and does not feel comfortable with strangers approaching him or people going to stroke him until he knows them and has a positive association with them.

Milo currently lives with two young staffy crosses and has been well socialised but can be boisterous and over powering for some dogs but he is still a puppy, and so may be best as an only dog in his new home.  Milo does not like to share toys or food and will  take things off other dogs.

Milo loves attention from those that he chooses and running, playing fetch and can be a great jogging partner too.

Milo likes to have something to do so food puzzles, kongs and other games where he can use his brain are vital at this stage in his life in addition to outdoor physical exercise. Milo is very smart and picks up things quickly.

Milo has great recall, especially if there is a ball to maintain his attention.

Milo is currently in the North West London, Swiss Cottage. area.

Ad updated: 22.10.19

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