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Introducing Minnie: Minnie is a female Chihuahua cross Jack Russel of 4years. 


Minnie is a nervous girl and is timid with strangers until she gets to know you.

Minnie is looking for a new home without young children as she feels uncomfortable around them.  

Minnie currently lives with another dog, but can be snappy with him.

Minnie loves being outdoors and is fine on a lead, she pulls at first with excitement but then walks nicely.  Minnie does not like the rain so may need persuading to go out but she has a coat to help keep her dry. Minnie loves chasing balls and chewing them.

Minnie will need to be neutered after the expiry of the three month period of her last season.  Minnie will therefore be on a neutering contract, which will be organised and paid for by the Rescue.

Minnie can be very cuddly and loves nothing more than to sit on her lap or shoulder.

Minnie is in the Bolton area.

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