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Mollie & Flossie

All about Mollie & Flossie: Mollie & Flossie are female (sisters) Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 4.5years.

Mollie & Flossie have not been apart from birth and are very bonded. Their characters are warm and  loving and they are always on the lookout for a cuddle.  

Mollie & Flossie did attend Dog Training and were expelled, having got fed up of walking around in circles following the other dogs. There was no problem with any of the dogs.

Mollie & Flossie love nothing more than sitting of the sofa with their mum and dad most evenings and having a good old snore .


Mollie & Flossie both enjoy their walks and get very excited with initial pulling on the lead, but the soon settle and calm.  Mollie & Flossie are very food orientated so further training should be a doddle.

Mollie & Flossie travel well in the car on harnesses and go to sleep after five minutes.

Mollie & Flossie are currently being assessed.

Mollie & Flossie are in the TAMWORTH, Staffordshire area.

Ad updated: 20.02.20.

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