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Introducing Norris:  Norris is a male Chihuahua of 6years.


Norris is a lovely little boy and would suit somebody without children, as Norris likes lots of attention and loves cuddling and prefers all the attention to himself, he is also a little afraid of children and will snap.

Norris is not very good with other dogs as he gets jealous and will resource guard his Humans, so would prefer to be the only dog. Norris is not reactive to dogs when out and about on walks though.   Norris does not like cats. 


Norris walks well on a lead and walks to heal off the lead and never strays, if other dogs come over he is picked up and doesn't mind this or react to the other dog. 

Norris has no SA but does get bored on his own, so Norris is looking for a new home where his new family are home for most of the day.

Norris' ideal home would be one where the family are active and retired, and who can give him a solid routine of walks and lots of attention as he loves to spend time snuggled on his owner's lap and being stoked.


Norris is in the Anglesey, North Wales area.

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