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Peppa & Dotty

All about  Peppa and Dotty:  Peppa and Dotty are Yorkie Jacks of 4 and 3yrs respectfully.

Peppa (tan coloured) and Dotty are both dog and child friendly but not good with cats, and are both quite vocal.  

Peppa and Dotty are both quite excitable on lead but have good off lead recall, both are fully house trained but neither are happy travellers; Peppa shakes and Dotty is car sick.

Peppa and Dotty are both very affectionate and love cuddles, especially Dotty. Sadly Peppa had a form of Meningitis as a pup and is now on daily steroids. This is a low dose and only at a cost of a couple of pounds a month, but she may need them long term to avoid a relapse, there is an insurance policy in place for this and will be continued with in her new home.

Peppa and Dotty are currently in the SAFFRON WALDEN, area.

Ad updated: 13.02.20.

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