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All About Raven: Raven is a male Staffordshire Bull Terrier 6.5years.

Raven is a typical Staffie: very loving and likes lots of hugs, fussing and scratching behind my ears and sitting next to his humans, he likes to be the centre of attention. 

Raven loves going for long walks and can get very excited and pull on the lead. Again, like a typical Staffie, when walking Raven is only interested in where he is going, and keen to get there.  Raven very rarely goes to the toilet on his walks but waits until he gets home in the safety of his garden.


Raven is good in the car but and can be noisy on the way out due to his excited state.

When off the lead Raven has excellent recall, and will always come back to make sure you are in line of his sight.  

Raven likes to play fetch and will keep hold of the ball until he is ready to run again. Raven has toy aggression, so only likes to play on his  own and not share his toys. Due to Raven's toy aggression he is looking for a new home where he is the only dog.

Raven is a good guard dog and will let you know when someone is near and enjoys sitting in the window, especially on sunny days and watching the world go by.

Raven has no experience with children, and will bark at cats who come into the garden.


Raven does not like being left at home on his own, he is non destructive but will get stressed and so he is looking for a new home where his humans are at home most of the day and he is not left for long periods.

Raven is in the BRAMLEY, Leeds area.

Ad updated: 04.07.20

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