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All about Riley: Riley is a male German Shepherd of 3years.

Riley is a loving sweet boy and adores lots of attention and cuddles.  Riley is very active and has lots of drive, he is trained to a moderate to high level of obedience on and off lead and is very responsive to training.

Riley is a nervous boy and is very sensitive to changes of environment and tends to be fearful of new things, and just needs time, love and patience to fit into the right home.

Riley is looking for a new home without young children or have regular contact with children under 12yrs,  as he is fearful and reactive towards them.


Riley is very friendly with other dogs however tends to be very excitable which can put other dogs off, and also has a history of resource guarding so food would have to be delivered appropriately when with other dogs.

Riley has no history of being around cats.

Riley is in the South Elmsall, Pontefract area.

Ad updated: 04.11.19.

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