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Rock & Don

All about Rock & Don: Rock (white patch on chest) & Don are male Staffordshire Bull Terrier crosses of 8years.

Rock & Don are brothers and are bonded and so are looking for their new home together.

Rock & Don have been living outside for a number of years and so their foster carer will be working on their house training, although it is only Rocky that is having little accidents.

Rock & Don are very loving dogs and just enjoy to be fussed.  Rock & Don are very well behaved and they happily stay in their crate overnight with no issues.  Rock & Don are also dog friendly but have not yet encountered a cat.


Rock & Don are large and  strong dogs, so will need a capable handler.

Rock & Don are in the HELSTON, Cornwall area.

Ad updated: 14.09.20, d.o.b 18.06.12

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