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All About Ronnie: Ronnie is a male American Bulldog of approx. 4years.

Ronnie is a wonderful friendly boy that loves his walks and lots of attention.

Ronnie is looking for a home with no young children.

Ronnie is good with other dogs but has no history of being around cats.  

Ronnie is destructive when left and so is looking for a new home where he will not be left for long periods.

Ronnie has recently had a break from the kennels and has been on a short holiday and his foster carers have a lot to say about this lovely boy:


"He  was good fun and has some very endearing ways: he loves to bury his bones even if it means digging up carpet or pushing them into the corner of the settee and then covering them with a cushion but, with a gentle telling off, he soon stops the digging!.

Ronnie has boundless energy and enjoys a mad half hour running free in the garden, which needs to be big. He also enjoys his walks and, in the field, walks well on a long lead. When in the forest he is strong on the lead always pulling towards interesting smells. He shows his strength when confronted by other dogs and wants to get to them, in this he will need a confident owner with the physical strength to keep him in check. His energy is only surpassed by his love, he is a very affectionate boy who needs a quiet home with the space to play, but he really does know how to relax and make himself comfortable. He will make the most loyal companion, quick to bond and comfortable enough not to have to be under your feet all the time. He is a good night sleeper who is happy if his bed is made up close to yours and he will settle and sleep all night. 

He loves his toys, especially if they come with the challenge of indestructability which generally means about 5-10 minutes before they start to get shredded. But as long as he has toys everything else is safe….ish.

Eating is a hard one, his anxieties mean that he doesn’t eat much. Although he will eat junk food this is not good and shows in his coat. He seemed to like his food cut into very small pieces. He will eat good quality dog food, turkey steaks, scrambled egg and of course a bit of steak (well he was on holiday!)

He was great in the car and seemed to enjoy travelling, sometimes just laying in the back seat and others with his nose out of the window getting the scent on the air.

He does appear to be a dog who likes routine, he likes to eat when you do and longs to be part of the family.

He will be missed and it is such a shame that our house and garden is just not big enough for him.


Ronnie is in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

Ad updated: 09.09.20

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