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Introducing Sami: Sami is a Collie JRT cross of 4years.

Sami is child friendly, if a little over excitable and so would be better with dog savvy children or older children.

Sami is good with other small dogs and most large breeds, but as she was attacked by a larger dog can, she can sometimes growl at them, but she is not overly reactive on her walks.

Sami lives with a cat at the moment but can be rough and nips at her in a herding manner.

Sami walks well on the lead, after her initial pulling, she soon calms down. Sami has good recall but, due to her fear of bigger dogs, she is currently only let off-lead when away from other dogs.


Sami travels well and has never been car sick. Sami has a tendency to eczema, which comes and goes and is sometimes treated with steroids.


Sami lives in Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire.

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