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All About Skye: Skye is a female Saluki cross Greyhound of 2years.

After a poor start in life, Skye is sadly dog reactive on walks, although good with dogs once introduced and has several canine friends.   Skye currently lives with a Standard Poodle and her owners have other visiting and boarding dogs with who she gets on well with. Skye is better meeting unknown dogs in the home rather than outside and can redirect aggression to her owner or their other dog when she is reacting on walks.  We believe Skye can be homed as an only dog or with a very confident dog that won't pay attention to her insecurities.   Skye can also get over-excited with small dogs so better rehomed with a calm confident dog of her own size.  


Skye lives with two children under 7years but we feel this is not ideal and an adult only home is needed, as Skye is looking for a quieter, calmer home either with no children or older children 14 plus.

Skye is not good with cats and has a high prey drive around birds and other small animals on walks. Despite this, Skye lives with guinea pigs and shows them little interest, but is not allowed direct access to them.

Skye is crate trained and used to sleeping crated at night and when left home alone, walks well on and off lead if no distractions.


Skye will food guard around other dogs but not people so is fed treats crated and her main meal separate from the other dog.

Skye has not shown any Separation Anxiety when left but is only used to a couple of hours at a time, four  maximum.

Skye is still with her owner while she awaits her new home and currently in the Chelmsford, Essex area.

Ad updated: 26.04.19.

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