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All About Tala: Tala is a female Belgian Malinois of 3yrs.


Tala is lovely dog an is friendly with both people and other dogs but really does not like cats and will give chase.


Tala is good both on lead and off and just loves catching a ball and she will return it back to you to throw again.


Tala knows a few commands,  sit, stay,  come, wait, move, leave it and can be obedient but she can also be a stubborn and dominant. 

Tala is a very active dog and she needs a lot of exercise, when she gets excited she can nip so she will need further training in this respect.


Tala is a loving dog and just loves attention and a good fuss.

Tala is in the ROYSTON, Hertfordshire area.

Ad updated: 14.05.22

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