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All About Teddy: Teddy is a male Ridgeback x Staffordsire Bull Terrier of nearly 3.5years.


Teddy is looking for a new home where any children are older teenagers.

Teddy is currently living with other dogs, but can be choosy with which dogs he likes on walks.  Teddy has not been tested with cats.


Teddy is fine to be left a few hours with no barking and is crate trained.

Teddy travels well and happy in the car.

Teddy is in need of a new home where he will receive regular exercise, training and stimulation as he is a very intelligent boy.  

Teddy's recall is good, so long as he is not allowed to go too far ahead, as the joy of being on a walk overtakes him and he can then take a while to come back, as he wants to see every dog and say hello.

Teddy is a nice boy with lots of energy, very iintelligent and biddable, he just needs a routine of regular walks.

Teddy is in the Bolton area.

Ad updated: 02.03.19

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