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All About Teddy: Teddy is a male Jack Russell Terrier of 4yrs.


Sadly Teddy has had multiple homes due to his resource guarding issues: high value items from people, so he is looking for an experienced home that can give him the time and understanding to get him over his naughty habit.

Teddy is generally good with other dogs: neutered male dogs and females and he can mix with and has previously lived with other dogs but could do with a home were all the attention is on him!


Teddy prefers female humans but can also be around men.


Teddy has a bite history and so is looking for a new home without young children and where his family understand him and can read canine body language and know when not to fuss him as he can be fearful and prefers a fuss on his terms = a typical JRT!.


Teddy is a very sweet boy who just needs a chance in a good home.

Despite having a difficult past, Teddy is a bundle of fun.  Teddy has not had the best luck so far having multiple homes and most recently being left alone in a flat for a month after his owner suffered a stroke.


Teddy can be anxious in new situations so needs a family that will allow him to take his time and acclimatise to his new surroundings in his own good time.


Teddy will be the perfect best friend for the right humans as, once he is settled and comfortable, he is a lap dog who loves a walk and a chin rub.

Teddy is CIRENCESTER, Gloucestershire area.

Ad updated: 17.04.23.

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