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Introducing Tess: Tess is a female Jack Russell Terrer of 11years.

Tess has a lovely temperament and is generally good with other dogs, but she finds large ones intimidating.  In general, Tess is indifferent to other dogs, but sometimes she comes nose to nose and seems friendly for a moment but then barks, but she has never been in a fight or serious confrontation.  When Tess likes other little dogs she enjoys playing with them.  


Tess is not cat friendly, as she is affraid of them.


Tess is very good with older children, but she finds young ones threatening, so she is looking for a new home where the children are not under four years of age who might be unpredicatable.


Tess walks well on a lead but is always allowed off whenever possible, and she is very obedient.

Tess is fine to be left, with the radio playing softly.  If Tess to go out she will ask to do so by sitting in front of you, and once she has your attention she will walk to the door.


Tess has always been on the same diet of raw diced lamb's or ox-heart 150 grams daily, with 'pedigree small dog adult', so her new family will need to continue with this feeding regime, she also likes parmesan rinds and sausages too!!

Tess is in the Hunstanton, Norfolk area.

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