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All About Tilly: Tilly is a female Pug cross of 6yrs.

Tilly has had a tough life, used for breeding and so looks a little older for her years.

Tilly is an adorable dog and very affectionate, she just wants to love and be loved.   Tilly is looking for a home where her family are experienced and make her feel secure and be pack leaders or she will push boundaries.  Tilly's family should be around the majority of the time as she does not like to be left on her own.


Although not living with children, Tilly is also very good with visiting children.

Tilly gets along with all dogs and  is currently living, although   she can growl at the other dogs from jealousy.  Tilly is great on and off lead.  

Tilly can get through the cat flap and jump a five bar gate to get to you, so will need good secure garden fencing.

Tilly is a good traveller.

Tilly is in the Wrexham area.

Ad updated: 03.08.19

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