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All About Toby: Toby is a male Cocker Spaniel of  8yrs.

Toby is very happy and generally very well behaved but he needs strict boundaries in place.  Although Toby has not bitten for 5yrs, he is looking for a new home without young children or visiting grandchildren.


Toby is a typical Spaniel, he loves his walks, and especially chasing, or finding, sticks and balls, he would happily retrieve a tennis ball all day long.   Toby also loves to play "find it", and of course loves a Kong and swimming given the opportunity.


Toby has excellent recall, and generally gets on very well with other dogs.

Toby is quite nervous and can be suspicious particularly if people approach him when he is in his bed, or overly pet him. As such, he has lashed out at people in the past for doing this. Toby needs to be petted on his own terms, and only when he wants it.

Toby is in MONTGOMERY, Wales area.


Ad updated: 10.03.22.

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