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Vinnie & Milo


Introducing Vinnie & Milo: Vinnie & Milo are male Staffordshire Bull Terriers of 3years and are lovely boys but, due to a change in family circumstances, found themselves in need of a new home together.  Vinnie & Milo are currently in foster care but they desperately need a place to call their very own.

Vinnie & Milo have been raised around children in their former home and currently regularly meet young children and grandchildren (1 to 8years) with no issues.

Vinnie (on the right and has a small amount of white on his nose) loves his cuddles and playing ball and is very obedient.  Milo (on the left and with more white on his nose and chest) is very playful, likes walks and playing ball.

Vinnie & Milo like meeting other dogs, and they just want to play.

These two guys are absolutely gorgeous and would be a great addition to the right family.


Vinnie & Milo are in the Southampton area.

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