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All About Ziggy: Ziggy is a male Yorkshire terrier Cross Bichon of 10/11 months.

Ziggy is full of character and has a strong, outgoing personality. Ziggy is quite high energy, loves walks, and is interested in all his surroundings. 


Ziggy gets on well with other dogs and is good on the lead and loves car travel

Ziggy can guard his owner, when people visit, and become aggressive and will need an owner with experience of small dog aggression. Ziggy is fine going into a social situation when it is not on his territory.

Ziggy is a lively, bouncy, happy little soul and needs a home where there are people constantly present as he does not like to be left alone.

Ziggy is very small in size, and very, very cute, but can turn into a Tasmanian devil on his own territory. Ziggy would be a great companion, with his antics always surprising, and creating a smile.

Ziggy is in MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

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